Wango Tango Facts: Shotgun vs AR-15 (March 2018)

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Rob Roman

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Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent hasn’t had a hit in 22 years. He hangs out on his ranch shooting his guns.

Ted Nugent fostered a conspiracy theory after Sandy Hook massacre: “AR-15 wasn’t used”.

Ted Nugent promoted ‘crisis actor conspiracy theory’ after Parkland massacre. “David Hogg is a 26 year-old paid crisis actor”.

Nugent, the aging Michigan rocker now from Crawford, Texas, made a video with Dallas based Alex Jones, another well-known conspiracy theorist and the owner of the web site “Info Wars”.

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Ted Nugent wants you to know that a shotgun is “more deadly” than an AR-15. He recommends a bird gun with buckshot, for any would be school shooter to get the maximum kills. “It will kill more people per shot fired, than any AR-15.”

“Cinder Block Wall Destroyer”

“3 1/2 inch triple aught (0-0-0) buck, literally is a cinder block wall destroyer. You could be behind a cinder block wall, and I could take five of these. The first two will take out the wall and the rest will cut you in half.” -Ted Nugent

Fact: A shotgun with buckshot is primarily most deadly to humans at point blank range to 20 yards. Beyond that, you may hit and wound someone, but not necessarily kill someone.

30 People Shooting

“Each round shoots over 30 pellets. Every time I pull the trigger, it’s 30 people shooting. Thirty ‘bullets’ come out of there.” -Ted Nugent

Fact: Unlikely you will kill 30 people with one shotgun blast. Then you have to go to the next group of tightly packed people. Shotguns are long and solid, so more difficult to conceal. Shotguns typically hold 8 to 10 rounds, then you have to reload those rounds one by one by one. Some shotguns have a shell magazine typically holding 5 rounds. With the AR-15’s .223 (5.56 mm) x 2.26 in (57 mm) round, you can carry more rounds and more magazines concealed on your person.

Fact: Shotguns have been used in mass shootings, but always in conjunction with other firearms, exactly because of the limitations of the shotgun.

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Mass shooting events involving a Shotgun

Columbine, Colorado High School. April 20, 1999. 13 killed, 21 wounded. 2 student shooters also used a TEC-9 and other weapons.

Wakefield, Massachusetts Edgewater Technology shooting. December 26, 2000. 7 dead. Mostly by AK-47. Shotgun also used.

Meridian, Mississippi Lockheed Martin plant shooting. July 8, 2003. 6 killed 8 injured mostly by shotgun.

Red Lake Minnesota Indian Reservation. March 21, 2005. 9 dead 5 wounded. 2 pistols also used. Shootout with police, no police killed or wounded.

Capitol Hill Seattle, Washington March 26, 2006. 6 dead 2 injured. The shooter shot five people at close range before entering the house. Despite 5 minutes of shooting inside the house and 300 rounds of extra ammo, the shooter only managed to shoot 3 additional people.

Bart township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania October 2, 2006. 6 dead, 5 injured. The shooter fired 13 rounds from his pistol and some rounds from a shotgun.

Salt Lake City, Utah Trolley Square Mall shooting February 12, 2007. 5 dead, 4 wounded. Shooter fired at a security guard with shotgun and missed. Shooter shot at a police officer with shotgun and missed. Shooter had to leave a store to reload.

Carthage, North Carolina nursing home March 9, 2009 – Shotgun used. 8 defenseless patients killed, no staff were killed. 2 wounded trying to stop the shooter, one unarmed nurse and one police officer.

Aurora, Colorado movie theater July 20, 2012 – 12 killed, 58 wounded. 3 killed by shotgun. AR-15 with 100 round drum barrel magazine also used.

Where are the 30 people killed with one shotgun blast? In one of these shootings, 3 people were hit by one shot at close range, but they were lying on the floor next to each other.

Compare that to these shootings involving AR-15 variants:

-Orlando Shooter bought his gun legally.

49 killed 53 injured.

-Las Vegas Shooter bought his guns and bump stocks legally.

58 killed, over 500 injured.

-Newtown / Sandy Hook Shooter’s guns were bought legally.

26 killed, 2 injured.

-San Bernardino Shooters bought their guns legally.

14 killed, 22 injured.

-Sutherland Springs, Texas. Church shooter should not have had access to guns. Passed background check. 26 killed, 20 injured.

-Parkland, Florida. Shooter should not have had access to guns. Passed background check.

17 killed, 7 injured.

A shotgun is more survivable, not effective at longer ranges, holds less rounds, shooter can carry less rounds, takes much longer to re-load, is longer and harder to conceal.

ArmaLite AR-15

Armalite Ar-15 nugent


“So, this is a standard AR-15…It’s a semi-automatic sporting rifle. It is not a weapon of war. It is not an assault rifle and it is not a weapon of war. It is a standard American family sporting rifle that shoots one bullet per trigger-pull.” -Ted Nugent


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Fact: That is a standard model AR-15 that Ted Nugent was holding, but that wasn’t what was used at San Berardino, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, or Parkland. The AR-15’s used in those shootings, were more easily concealable, did not look like a “sporting rifle” or a gun suitable for an after church family outing as Ted Nugent described. The weapons used were assault weapons and weapons of war.


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And what exactly is this for? A family sporting picnic after church?

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Ted Nugent gives the standard BS line that these weapons are not fully automatic upon select, therefore not a weapon of war. Military soldiers are taught to use automatic fire only when overwhelmed (“spray and pray”), and semi-automatic most of the time to pick off one “target” at a time. The AR-15, especially with the small, adjustable stock, can be made to simulate automatic gunfire, using the slight recoil of the weapon at the stock, to pull your finger against the trigger as quickly as possible. The “bump stocks” are stocks designed to make this easier to do.

I also wrote this after Sandy Hook and it’s still true:

“The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16 military assault rifle. The main reason this weapon was developed was to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. Guess what? The AR-15 can be easily converted to fully automatic, and many owners know this very well.”

“See, you can see it makes a little .22 caliber hole in the target.” -Ted Nugent

Fact: I wrote this in an article 5 years ago after Sandy Hook, and it is no less truer today:

“The .223 caliber round, used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, was preferred over higher caliber rounds in combat because you can carry more of the smaller rounds and because the round Yaws through the air at 880 meters per second (963 yards per second) .

223 exit wound

It then explodes on impact causing baseball sized holes in the flesh. Internally the bullet causes a massive baseball sized explosion (cavitation). The bullet then fragments into multiple shards which spin, ricochet off bones, and rip through vital organs.

Emergency Room Doctors will tell you that they don’t see injuries from this weapon very often because most victims never even make it to the hospital and usually bleed to death.”

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“If you really want to crush the Left, and crush freedom haters, not only should you be a member of the National Rifle Association, but you should give away memberships to everybody you know at work, at school, at church, the NRA should have 50 million members”.”So far, 5 to 6 million NRA members are doing the heavy lifting for freedom for the rest of America.” – Ted Nugent.

Freedom ala Ted

Ted Nugent, whose twisted idea of freedom includes calling for the lynching of a sitting President and the shooting of a Presidential candidate, wants you to believe his self-serving statements. I call them a misrepresentations of facts, aka: lies. In contrast, the facts presented in this article are true today, true 5 years ago, and will be true 10 years from now.

Hopefully, if the NRA did actually have more members than Planet Fitness, they may then actually have leaders who make sense and don’t lie to us, and more members who already know that sensible gun safety laws will save lives. People from all sides should join gun safety organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety to protect freedom, and combat the lies and distortions from the NRA and the paid inaction of Congress, so we can all live in the America we want and deserve to live in.



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Our President giving red carpet treatment to NRA Spokesman Sportsman / Gun Nut / Conspiracy theorist Ted Nugent