20 Not Very Merry Gun arguments from the far right


20 Not Very Merry Gun arguments from the far right

Fact-Based Reporting by Rob Roman

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Gun-grab, gun-free zones, murder magnet,  good guy with a gun, Constitutional right, right from God, tyrannical  government, first step to gun grab, laws on books not enforced, arm the teachers, everyone get a gun, AR-15 for home defense, inanimate object, mental health only, armed militia, cars kill more, not a gun problem, not a problem, not my problem

1) The Government just wants to grab my guns. Pry my gun out of my cold, dead hand, etc. (1)

The Gun – Grabber argument is no argument at all. The 2nd Amendment is here to stay. It has been recognized by the Supreme Court as an individual right, not attached to any militia. This is a government of the people and a government of laws. No one is coming to take your guns away.

imagesCAE7ZPQJThis would require a repeal of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This requires the votes of 2/3rds of both the House and Senate. Then it must be ratified by 3/4ths of state legislatures. Another way is for 2/3rds of the States to call a convention and then 3/4ths of all State legislatures must approve it.

Can you imagine 67 Senators and 290 Representatives voting to repeal the 2nd Amendment? Can you imagine 34 state legislatures then calling for a Constitutional Convention and then 38 States approving a repeal? It’s never going to happen, so relax. And if it did happen in the future, it would be the will of the people.

2)  A ban or more controls on certain types of semi-automatic military-style rifles and high capacity magazines would just be the beginning. This is an assault on law abiding gun owners. (2)

magThere is no need for these weapons class to be available to the general public. If you want one, you should be willing and able to qualify to have one and use and keep it safely.

3)   Guns are just a tool. They are inanimate objects. People are responsible for misusing guns. Don’t blame the gun.

Guns are a special kind of tool or inanimate object. They are an inanimate object designed to kill. When animated, they can easily cause instant death from both a physical and emotional distance. Not all gun owners are responsible or reasonable. So, we need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable and other unqualified people.

4)  Knives, forks, cars, and bathtubs are just as dangerous as guns. (4)

The controlling idea here is that it is the person, not the “inanimate object” which wounds and kills. Knives, forks, cars, and bathtubs are not designed specifically to kill. A person armed with a fork or a knife would have a real difficult time killing 26 people in 5 minutes.

An accidental death by car or bathtub is not the same as an intentional killing with a gun. Cars are heavily regulated and insured. The problem is the combination of an impulsive, irresponsible, or mentally disturbed person with an instrument which is designed to kill many people quickly and easily.

5)  An “assault weapon” is fully automatic”. A semi-automatic military style rifle with high capacity magazines is not an “assault weapon”. (5)

rap 4There’s no need for semantic games. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16 military assault rifle. The main reason this weapon was developed was to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible.

Guess what? The AR-15 can be easily converted to fully automatic, and many owners know this very well.

6mmThe .223 caliber hollow point round, used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, was preferred over higher caliber rounds in combat because you can carry more of the smaller rounds and because the round Yaws through the air at 880 meters per second (963 yards per second) .

It then explodes on impact causing baseball sized holes in the flesh. Seth1Internally the bullet causes a massive baseball sized explosion. The bullet then fragments into multiple shards which spin, ricochet off bones, and rip through vital organs.

Emergency Room Doctors will tell you that they don’t see injuries from this weapon very often because most victims never even make it to the hospital and usually bleed to death. (6)

(5.56 mm / .223 gunshot wound)_

6)   I need my semi-automatic military style rifle and high capacity magazines to protect my home and my family.

Is your name Tony Montana? Are you expecting a coordinated assault on your home? No one needs this kind of weapon for home defense.

7)   A ban or further regulation of military style rifles and high capacity magazines will not help save the 500 plus victims killed by handguns each year in Chicago.

This is a classic. There are two separate issues here.

Hadiya Pendleton was shot  to death in Harsh Park in Chicago only 1 week after performing in the 2013 Presidential inauguration (click to enlarge)
Hadiya Pendleton was shot to death in Harsh Park in Chicago only 1 week after performing in the 2013 Presidential inauguration. (click to enlarge)

The first is an effort to reduce the rate and lethality of mass shootings. The second is general gun violence.

Irresponsible gun owners try to tie the two together. Then they say that further regulations on certain rifles and magazines won’t stop general gun violence. This is obvious, it’s not meant to do that.

8)   Gun free zones are “murder magnets”. We can’t reduce the rate and fatalities of mass shootings unless we get rid of “gun-free zones” and allow concealed or open carry in all schools and other public places.

This argument assumes that if more “good guys” have guns in schools and other public places, then the “good guys” can stop the “bad guy(s)”.

great-no-guns-signFirst of all, there have been mass shootings where there was a good guy with a gun. Columbine and Arapahoe High Schools both had armed Resource Officers who were ineffective. This argument doesn’t take into account the chaos, the unknown, and the overwhelming fear coming from a shooter with heavy firepower who is ready to kill and to die.

In Sparks, Nevada, what if the math teacher had a gun? At that point in time, only one student was wounded in the shoulder. Do you think this teacher would then be emotionally ready to shoot a 12 year old to death?

Would he then be sued? What about mistakes? Innocent people will be shot in the confusion and people will get caught in the cross-fire.

good guys This is not an episode of Bonanza where the good guy rushes in and fixes everything, bang bang, lickity split.

Even armed police at a shooting enter the fray slowly and carefully. By that time, people have already died. The killing usually happens in a matter of a few minutes, and the shooter always has the element of surprise.

The shooter will change tactics to address the presence of armed staff in a school. The “good guy” with a gun might have a spouse and children, and only very few would heroically charge into a firefight with a mentally disturbed killer armed with superior firepower.

9)   An FBI background check did not stop the Boston Bombers. More people were killed by drones authorized by President Obama than were killed in mass shootings in the USA during the Obama years.

What? These are entirely separate and unrelated issues.

10)   My 2nd Amendment rights come straight from God almighty and are meant to establish an armed militia against a tyrannical government.

wayne 1Some people are always citing the Constitution but at the same time they say that their right to keep and bear arms is a right over and above the Constitution.

This is a nation of laws. If government tried to act in defiance of the 2nd Amendment, it would be stopped by the courts. We have three branches of government, the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. (I find it amazing that a great number of Americans actually don’t know that).

Note the misleading information and the veiled threats, a trademark of far right gun rights advocates.

The Constitution assures that these branches are co-equal and balance each other out. Two of these branches are elected directly by the people. So what are you talking about?

11)   Gun homicides, suicides and gun accidents have declined dramatically since 1994.

Gun homicides were at an alarming rate and peeked in 1994, which spurred the passing of the assault weapons ban and other legislation. imagesCA3U1TQYThe crack epidemic led to a great deal of this violence and Tech-Nines were in use all over.

The rate of gun homicides, suicides, and accidents has remained rather constant since the late 90’s. They are poised to escalate, as many new gun owners have appeared on the scene due to fear and hysteria raised by the far right and gun lobbies trying to convince people that their gun rights will be taken away or severely reduced by the government.

Domestic violence gun homicides and suicides have remained quite constant over the last few decades.

12)  If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Guns are not going to be outlawed. Please come up with a newer or more convincing argument.

Michael Dunn, gun enthusiast, allegedly fired 9 rounds into a car full of teens, allegedly killing a high school student.

Way too many unarmed people are being shot to death by citizens who used to be law-abiding gun owners right up to the point where they lost their common sense or control and killed an unarmed person with their gun. (Please see “The Law-Abiding Gun Owner)

13)  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Right you are, so we will need some sensible gun safety legislation, to make gun use safer, and to keep guns and especially the most dangerous guns away from people who should not have them.

14)  Laws won’t help because criminals don’t obey the laws. We have enough laws on the books but they are not enforced.

Then why have any laws at all? E21DD88D-D9AB-4244-8BAE-A58899921B07_mw1024_n_sSmart legislation does work to keep everyone safer and to make it more difficult for unqualified people to get hold of guns.

The laws on the books are not fully enforced because law enforcement has a limited amount of resources and must make difficult decisions about priorities.

If you are talking about going after people who fail the background checks we do have, you cannot go after, arrest and jail people for failing a background check.

The people who make these arguments are the same people who don’t want to help fund the enforcement because it’s “against their core values”.

15)  Chicago has the most gun laws and the most gun deaths, so there!

imagesCAVAW0BSChicago has the most gun laws precisely because they have the most gun deaths. Local legislation is overwhelmed by lax laws in other cities and states, which make guns available to “bad guys” via straw purchasers, the lack of background checks at gun shows and numerous other outlets.

The Chicago gun homicides are mostly related to gangs and drug crimes. Would you like to help attack this problem by spending more money to apply more Federal resources for more prevention and enforcement projects in Chicago?

16)   We don’t need gun control, we need a mental health solution. A mental health only solution is the answer to mass shootings.

Mental health is definitely a component of mass shootings, but if you want to have more mental health services available, are you willing to help fund them?

A mental health only solution is not the answer to reduce the rate and lethality of mass shootings without a gun safety component. The problem at Sandy Hook was not that a mentally disturbed man came to the elementary school and exposed himself or threw crayons at the students.

Crime Scene Evidence (Click to enlarge)
Sandy Hook Crime Scene Evidence (Click to enlarge)

He came armed with two semi-automatic pistols, an AR-15 semi-automatic military-style rifle and ten 30-round high capacity magazines plus 10 magazines for the 9mm Glock and 10mm Sig Sauer. Before this, he shot his mother 4 times in the head with a .22-caliber Savage MK II-F bolt action rifle.

So the problem is not only mentally disturbed people. It is mentally unstable people who can too easily get their hands on highly lethal firearms.

A mental health solution and gun safety are inextricably entwined when it comes to preventing or lowering the rate and lethality of mass shootings.

17)  Mass shooters are mostly liberals and most general gun violence is caused by liberals.

Actor Jeff Bridges star in "The Dude"
Actor Jeff Bridges stars in “The Dude”

This is an over-simplification and an attempt to avoid the issues. Many mass shooters are in their teens and twenties, and the majority of young people start out as liberals.

So, this may be true about mass shooters, but many of them were rebelling against their conservative parents who had introduced them to firearms. Also more conservatives are usually more reluctant to seek psychiatric help for their children.

18)  Millions of AR-15s are in circulation and are being safely owned and operated by law abiding gun owners as we speak.

That’s true, but more and more it has become a sort of conservative right of passage to own and carry weapons. Owning an AR-15, like Nancy Lanza did and like George Zimmerman does is the crowning achievement which gives you street cred. among far-right conservatives. It means you are in the club and you belong.

imagesCAMOBLO0Ownership of this type of firearm is becoming more main stream. Instead of avid hunters, sports shooters, and veterans owning the majority of these weapons, more and more rash, hot-headed, impulsive, irresponsible and unstable people have them or have access to them and more people are not as qualified in their safe keeping and operation.

So that’s a good reason why there should be more controls on this particularly dangerous weapon class.

19)  The Universal background check is not good, fair, necessary because ….. because ….. uh … please see reasons 1 through 18.

There is no valid legitimate reason for not passing a Universal background check for all weapons purchases and transfers. The Gun Industry, the gun lobby and irresponsible gun worshippers cloaked in the American flag and constantly citing our Constitution, just don’t want any further regulations or controls on these weapons, no matter what.

We have a serious societal problem which directly affects gun owners, and some feel absolutely no responsibility to help to do anything about it (even initiatives not involving firearms). Their answer is we should do nothing and their attitude is they don’t care. Isn’t it?

friendsThese are the people who want us to eliminate gun free zones. They expect us to  count on them to pull their pistol and go rushing towards a chaotic situation with a highly disturbed shooter armed with a high powered rifle and high capacity magazines. The good guy with a gun will save the day. It ain’t never gonna happen.

Mass Shooters will ALWAYS seek out schools, malls, theaters, and other public places to make their statements, no matter what. By the time the shooter is in the school or other public place with the element of surprise, it’s already too late no matter how many good guys are legally carrying concealed weapons.

The person you depend on to save you is the same person who watched 20 six and seven year-olds and six educators get shot to pieces and basically said “ I don’t care”, “It’s not my problem”, and “it’s not the gun”.

20)  In this country, and especially in certain parts of this country, we are the most vocal, we are the vocal minority and we will never compromise and nothing about gun safety will ever be done.

Gun-RightsI think responsible gun owners, many NRA members, mothers and other concerned citizens who are not gun owners will all get together to pass sensible gun safety legislation such as the Universal background check and mental health legislation with a gun safety component.

This will only strengthen the 2nd Amendment and make gun ownership more acceptable and responsible to the community.

fight-for-your-rightsYou are the loudest right now, but the will of the people will prevail and you will still have access to all kinds of firearms. (The Constitution, the American flag, and our system of government belong to all of us).

All comments are welcome and appreciated

all rights reserved

(1) “A new amendment repealing the amendment in question. It must be done exactly the same way, because the repeal itself is an amendment. To begin, a proposed amendment must be voted approved by a 2/3 majority of both legislative bodies of the US Congress. The Proposed Amendment must then be sent to every individual State’s legislature for consideration. Each state follows its own parliamentary process to arrive at a yea or nay on the Proposed Amendment.

For the Proposed Amendment to become a Constitutional Amendment, 3/4 of the individual American States must vote a final yea. With the current body of States numbering 50, the required number of State ratifications to adopt the new amendment is 38. Upon the confirmation of the 38th yea, the Amendment becomes part of the Constitution, amending, or changing, whatever the subject of the amendment covers–whether it be a new cause, or eliminating an old Amendment.”


(2) “United States Supreme Court DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ET AL. v. HELLER, (2008)

No. 07-290 Argued: March 18, 2008    Decided: June 26, 2008


1. The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

2. “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose:  For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms. Miller’s holding that the sorts of weapons protected are those “in common use at the time” finds support in the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons.””


3. The distinction of the fact that the primary purpose of a gun is to kill people is relevant because as a society, we tend to regulate physical items themselves based on a combination of a few things, including 1) their primary purpose (i.e., benefit) and 2) their lethality. Guns and other weapons are different from other items because their primary purpose/benefit and their lethality are one and the same.

Another common comparison gun advocates make is “well, heart disease kills way more people a year—600,000–why don’t people focus on regulating cheeseburgers?” or “cars kill 30,000 people a year too–why don’t we get rid of all cars?” The answer is that we do regulate cars and cheeseburgers and try to prevent their related deaths, but we do it with a logical relationship to their primary purpose and their immediate lethality. I assert that as Americans, we regulate guns in an illogical manner as compared to everything else we regulate.


4. “When you get in your car and turn it on, the goal in mind is to get from wherever you are currently to wherever you are wanting to be. A successful drive of a car involves you and your passengers if applicable arriving at your destination, all involved are unharmed. Vehicular injuries or deaths generally arise as a result of some form misuse (either negligence or carelessness), badly designed road or badly designed vehicle. If you attempt to use a vehicle for its intended purpose and nothing goes wrong, nobody gets harmed.

On the other hand with guns, when you pick up a gun and pull the trigger, the idea is the thing its pointed at gets maimed or killed- i.e. that is its designed purpose. If you point a gun at something and pull the trigger, and the thing its pointed at isn’t injured or killed, either you didn’t use it well (i.e. you missed) or it isn’t a very good/well designed gun.

When we’re talking about vehicular deaths, they are referred to as “accidents,” whereas when someone gets killed by a gun its referred to as a “shooting.” In the firearm scenario, the “shooter” has successfully carried out a “shooting,” where as in the vehicle scenario the “driver” has had “an accident.”

Considering the Lame Argument That Asserts Cars Kill More People Than Guns

The argument under consideration clarifies that, when it comes to murders, people are the ultimate cause and guns are merely proximate causes—the end of a causal chain that started with a person deciding to murder. But nothing follows from these facts about whether or not guns should be regulated. Such facts are true for all criminal activity, and even noncriminal activity that harms others: The ultimate cause is found in some decision that a person made; the event, activity, or object that most directly did the harming was only a proximate cause. But this tells us nothing about whether or not the proximate cause in question should be regulated or made illegal. 


5) “Because of their deadly design, assault weapons amplify the carnage of public shootings. A review of mass shootings between 2009 and 2015 by Everytown for Gun Safety found that incidents where assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines were used resulted in 155% more people shot and 47% more people killed compared to other incidents. When access to assault weapons is restricted, deaths due to mass shootings decrease. A 2014 study found that “both state and federal assault weapons bans have statistically significant and negative effects on mass shooting fatalities.”


6)  “But the worst is a wound from an AR-15 or AK-47 — high-muzzle velocity weapons, which impart a tremendous amount of kinetic energy into the body. Those are much more destructive. You’re looking at a wound that, externally, is two, three, four times bigger than any handgun wound.And that is reflective of the damage that happens on the inside. When a bullet from a high-muzzle velocity weapon hits the intestines, it’s like an explosion, whereas a low-muzzle velocity can be very similar to a knife going through the intestines; there’s bleeding, but it doesn’t destroy the whole area. A high-muzzle bullet, however, destroys whole areas of body. With a bone that’s been shot with a standard-issue caliber handgun, you’ll see a break, a hole in the bone, and maybe some displacement. But a high-muzzle weapon shatters that bone into hundreds of microscopic pieces, in a way that cannot be repaired.”


Furthermore, AR-15 bullets don’t just affect the skin and the tissue immediately under it. In addition to turning a bone to dust or liver into jello, the high energy would also cause damage around the entry and exit wounds.

When a high-velocity bullet pierces the body, human tissue can ripple just like water does when you throw an object in it. But it all happens at increased velocity. The bullet and its ensuing fragments might miss a critical artery, but the cavitation effect could tear through blood vessels.

Rhee also said that a handgun would require only one surgery, but an AR-15 bullet wound needs three to ten.

Because it’s designed so well, the AR-15 fires almost without recoil, meaning that a shooter can inflict more damage with multiple bullets accurately hitting the same target. “The gun barely moves. You can sit there boom boom boom and reel off shots as fast as you can move your finger,” Denver Health trauma surgeon and Journal of Trauma and Acute Surgery editor Ernest Moore told Wired.

What happens when AR-15 rifle bullets tear through the human body








The “Law – Abiding Gun Owner”

Fact-Based Reporting

by Amanda Chen and Rob Roman

"Have you seen the like? Their walls are built of Cannonballs. Their motto is 'Don't Tread On Me'"
“Have you seen the like? Their walls are built of Cannonballs. Their motto is ‘Don’t Tread On Me'”


  • What would you do if a teen was playing music too loud or your brother was upset with you?
  • What would you do if an 8 year old neighbor was too rambunctious, your spouse wore shoes you didn’t like, or your tenant was late on the rent and parked in the wrong place?
  •  How about if you spotted a young teen trying to get into your home or if your friends stopped talking to you?
  • What would you do if a stranger knocks at your door or rolls up your driveway?

Well, if you were a “law abiding gun owner”, perhaps you would shoot them to death.

They started it, anyways.

These are all recent stories about people who became emotional, upset, impulsive or foolish and a firearm was used before they used their objective reasoning and their common sense. Many of these people enjoyed shooting firearms and they wanted to have a sense of freedom and protection.

We enjoy the right of our 2nd Amendment which allows us to keep and bear arms for self-defense and the defense of our families. But too many “law abiding gun owners” turn to their guns as a first resort, rather than a last resort, in the midst of everyday conflicts and stressful situations.

gun showkids with guns 3

Gun ownership is becoming more main stream and more and more people are buying weapons, going to firing ranges, and demanding to bring their guns with them everywhere they go. Even NRA board member Ted Nugent echoes the idea that “An armed society is a polite (civil) society”.

But a lack of skills in conflict resolution and a stubborn inability to see things from an objective point of view, coupled with a pervasive feeling that one is under attack and disrespected, too often leads to tragic and fatal consequences. Too many unarmed and often unsuspecting citizens are being shot to death by “law abiding gun owners”.

Allegedly will not be "Dunn" thinking about a better way to handle disputes for another 20 to 30 years
Allegedly will not be “Dunn” thinking about a better way to handle disputes for another 20 to 30 years

November 2012

Jordan Davis, deceased
Jordan Davis, deceased

Perhaps the best example of this is Brevard County Florida’s Michael Dunn, who is a life long gun enthusiast, gun collector and a frequenter of shooting ranges. Michael Dunn on the day after Thanksgiving, 2012, allegedly attended a wedding where he allegedly drank too much while allegedly grousing over the re-election of President Barak Obama with friends.

He proceeded to a gas station where he encountered three black teens playing loud music at the pumps. He ordered them to turn the music down and they allegedly had an argument. Mr. Dunn then allegedly pulled a weapon and fired 9 shots into the car full of teens, killing 17 year old high school student Jordan Davis. He then sped away and proceeded to allegedly enjoy a nice pizza dinner. Mr. Dunn’s trial is scheduled for February. He will claim that he was forced to defend himself from teens sitting in their car.

Here are some more recent events involving more or less stressful conflicts or negligence with an armed response and a tragic resolution.

The Victim Ronald Westbrook
The Victim Ronald Westbrook

November 2013

A Georgia man shot and killed a 72 year-old wandering Alzheimer’s patient who knocked on his door. The couple in the home had already called police, but the husband, Joe Hendrix, went out the back door with a gun and shot the man, Ronald Westbrook 4 times. No charges were filed.

The "suspect" Carrender will not need a calendar for some time....except for a court calendar
The “suspect” Carrender will not need a Calendar for some time….unless it’s a Court Calendar

October 2013

“Authorities have arrested an Indiana man who fatally shot his teenage son in front of his pregnant girlfriend in their Martinsville, Ind. home.

After arguing over whether or not to return home from the restaurant / bar where they were watching football games, David Carrender, 49, retrieved his handgun and shot Wyatt Carrender, 19, possibly six times, according to police”.

What could have been a better solution? Drive home during half-time. Okay, so it must have been in the 3rd or 4th quarter. Father knows best!

Many women have joined the rolls of law abiding gun owners, contributing to a “more polite society”. Now women have the freedom of security in their own homes and the liberty of being able to go unescorted where they want to go. They can carry a concealed power “equalizer” and no longer have to fear being mauled, attacked, robbed or raped by a strong, aggressive and opportunistic bad guy. But, is that all these ladies have to fear when packing the heat that affords them their new found freedom and liberty?


November 2013

A Florida woman, who had just had a heated argument with her boyfriend who had stormed out of her house, fired apparently through the door moments later when someone approached her home and started knocking loudly. That person happened to be her own daughter, Ruby, with her 4 month-old baby in her arms. Adele Bing shot her daughter, Ruby, dead by mistake.

Child safety advocate Ringhardt
Child safety advocate Ringhardt

October 2013

Melissa Ringhardt, 19, of Texas was babysitting a five year- old boy and his 6- month old sibling. She pulled her .40 caliber handgun out of her handbag and left it on the coffee table before taking a nap on the couch. She awoke to a gunshot and the 5 year-old was dead on the living room floor.

Women and children are safer, now that “inanimate objects” or “simple tools” are involved.

So, at least we have a polite society where spouses or lovers are nicer to each other and emotionally charged arguments are avoided because both partners own weapons. This causes them to be better communicators and ultimately more adept at peaceful and cooperative conflict resolution, right?

Problem solved. Domestic Tranquility.
Problem solved. Domestic Tranquility.

November 2013

A Tennessee man shot his wife after an argument over the husband wearing his wife’s deceased father’s shoes. James Cothran and his wife, Patricia, began arguing for over 30 minutes when after Thanksgiving dinner, Patricia asked James to take off her father’s shoes. He claims she then grabbed a knife and was “fixing coming at me, so I shot her”. James shot her dead with a .22 caliber handgun and he’s claiming self-defense.

I suppose in that 30 minutes of arguing, she never noticed that he had a gun on him. Alright then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Pretty in Pink?, No, Orange.
Pretty in Pink?, No, Orange.

November 2013

A Pennsylvania man was watching sports with his father and his brother when the two brothers got into a heated argument. Robert Bauduin,46, then blasted his brother Richard, 48, with a shotgun, killing him instantly.

Blame it on football and general sports violence inviting audience participation. What was the argument about again? They probably don’t remember.

And here’s an old headline from an old and true story about two brothers I worked with at a Stop & Shop Supermarket “Brother charged in shooting kin in theft of fifty cents”.

These two very large brothers both worked at the Supermarket for years and were always at each other’s throats. Then one day they had an argument at home and one brother blasted the other with a shotgun.

Since guns are just a simple tool, they also have an infinite variety of miscellaneous uses too. They are for much more than just making routine domestic arguments into fatal tragedies. An augmentation and enforcement mechanism for bible study seems to be one such use. Child discipline, animal control, and neighborhood protection are just a few more of the manifold uses of firearms.

Dispute Resolved. Peace restored to the neighborhood.
Dispute Resolved. Peace restored to the neighborhood.

September 2013

A white Texas man shot his neighbor, an 8 year old black boy, for being too rambunctious. The boy had just gone in his home to get a toy, and upon coming back outside, 46 year-old Brian Cloninger shot him in the face. “Maiden’s mother, Latamarin Locklin, recalled the aftermath of the shooting to KTVT on Thursday.

“When he ran in I just screamed,” she said. “His mouth was just hanging off and it was just a big hole… I just threw him on the couch and laid him in my arms and put pressure on his mouth with a towel.” When asked what happened, Cloninger was leaning against his truck and just said, “yes, I shot that kid”.

Maiden was bleeding profusely, but he was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. He survived but was in critical condition.

Confronted by the dangers of 3 teens a car and a Remington rifle, the snake prevailed.
Confronted by the dangers of 3 teens a car and a Remington rifle, the snake prevailed.

September 2013

A Florida teen and his friends got out of his car and attempted to shoot a snake. Jared Hemphill, 18, shot his friend, Christopher Rape, also 18, in the leg instead. Upon recounting the story, the teen said they had to stop the car, get out and shoot the snake with a Remington semi-automatic rifle, as the snake in the road was a danger and a threat. Jared claimed self-defense. No charges were filed. The snake could not be reached for comment.

Dumas or Dumbass?
Dumas or Dumbass?

October 2013

A Tennessee mom was shocked when a man who was a friend of the family for three years, suddenly showed up and shot her son and daughter in their driveway. Angelique White, 29, and Christopher White, 23, were in the driveway when Aaron Dumas approached and pulled out a bible and started arguing with the siblings. While the mother was inside calling 911, she heard two gunshots. The siblings were hospitalized but survived.

You Talkin' to Me?
You Talkin’ to Me?

June 2013

New Orleans A man shot and killed a teen for attempting to rob his home. “A 14-year-old New Orleans boy was shot in the head early Friday morning after a homeowner said the unarmed teen was trying to break into his house.

Homeowner Merritt Landry, 33, who lives in Marigny, allegedly shot Marshall Coulter after fearing for his safety, and told friends and family he thought the teen had a gun.” Despite New Orleans’ “castle doctrine” laws, similar to Florida’s “stand your ground” laws, Landry was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.

Guns have been successfully used in law enforcement for centuries. When law enforcement falls short, the individual can reign supreme. Firearms also help business owners and home owners to “stand their ground” against people who are ‘fixing to violate the rules’ and ‘do trespassing and such’.

Obey the rules
Obey the rules

November 2013

A Tennessee bar owner shot and killed a patron for refusing to extinguish his cigarette “A downtown bar owner told police he fatally shot a country music singer in self-defense after the two got into an argument over the musician smoking a cigarette in a no-smoking area, authorities said.”

Pit and Barrel owner Chris Ferrell shot Wayne Mills, 44, around 5 a.m. Saturday, after the bar had closed, The Tennessean reported. Mills died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Either he didn’t like the music or else I suspect there was a woman involved.

Let Freedom Ring
Let Freedom Ring

January 2013

A Georgia man shot and killed a young man who mistakenly pulled into his driveway because of a GPS error.

“Lilburn, Ga. – A 69 year-old suburban Atlanta man faces a murder charge after authorities say he shot and killed a 22-year-old man who had mistakenly driven into his driveway.

An arrest warrant states that Rodrigo Abad Diaz of Duluth, Ga., was fatally shot in the head Saturday as he tried to drive away from Phillip Sailors’ home in Lilburn, northeast of Atlanta.”

Sailors may have thought “the Guvmint was fixing to grab muh gunz”. After all, the far-right news media and talk shows had been barking this idiotic lie 24/7.

Here’s my personal favorite. In this situation, there was a discussion. The discussion turned into an argument whereupon the police were called. The police left thinking the dispute was settled. Then the homeowner / landlord got a firearm and charged in to do his own brand of law enforcement.

Pak was packing a lot of angry heat, but not much common sense.
Pak was packing a lot of angry heat, but not much common sense.

December 2012

The Deceased: Derrick Thompson and Alivia  Welch
The Deceased: Derrick Thompson and Alivia Welch

James Pak, 74, of Maine, shot and killed a young man and his girlfriend in the presence of the girl’s mother and 7 year-old son, after a dispute over late rent and not moving their car for the snowplow. Maine State Police identified the victims as Derrick Thompson, 19, and his girlfriend, Alivia Welch, 18. Thompson’s mother, Susan Johnson, 44, was treated for a gunshot wound at Maine Medical Center in Portland, where she was in stable condition early Sunday. Johnson’s 7-year-old son, Brayden, was not hurt. Problem solved. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The point here, of course, is not that gun ownership is intrinsically bad or that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed. Gun ownership is an important part of our American history and culture. We should just remember that not every gun owner is thoughtful and deliberates carefully before they point and shoot. They will claim self-defense, apply the castle doctrine miles away from home, and continue to say “I was just cleaning my gun”.

The 2nd Amendment “no infringements” activists also are not always reasonable. They will claim that since it’s possible that ten people could invade the home of a law abiding citizen, there should be no limitations to the type of firearms that are available to individuals. They will claim that more people are killed by other means than firearms, so nothing should be done about gun safety until those other problems are fixed first.

They will claim that forks, knives and cars, things that everyone uses every day and multiple times per day, are just as dangerous as guns. They point to other related safety and control problems such as psychotropic drugs and mental health and claim that this is the problem, while guns are the innocent and “inanimate” bystander.

gun“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Yes, so guns should not be regulated, but people like these folks should be regulated with respect to gun ownership and gun safety. Who is allowed to have or not have firearms and under what circumstances is always a legitimate subject to discuss.

US-CRIME-SHOOTING-POLITICSGun rights activists will claim that since the mass shooting tragedy called “Sandy Hook” and the subsequent gun safety and sensible gun control initiatives, gun sales have skyrocketed. That’s all the more reason why we need safety and control legislation. Protecting the public safety is one of the highest charges of government.

People are people and too many do not employ common sense, use appropriate cautions, and they try to resolve conflicts with deadly force as the very first resort. People are pulling out their lethal trump cards on impulse before exhausting every other option to resolve disputes.

kids with gunsThis is why all our children need lessons in how to behave in a civil society. For their own safety, they should have courses about how to resolve disputes and handle emotionally charged conflicts. They should know how and where to get help.

Gun safety training and continuing education courses should be mandatory for gun owners. Would institutions such as the NRA care to be involved in this endeavor?  They want to offer gun safety courses as a matter of individual choice, but just look at the deadly individual choices made in these examples.

Let’s have some courses on civil behavior and conflict resolution and some mandatory courses on gun safety. Can we do that?

Maybe gun rights activists will say our real problem is that not enough of us own and carry weapons. If everyone owned and carried weapons, then people would know everyone else is armed and people wouldn’t tangle with each other so much we could finally have a polite and civil society where there are no “knockout games”, no assaults, no mob violence, no beatings and rapes and very little random violence.

Firearms_SS-43461934We’re about half way there already, by the looks of theses news articles. Twelve dead and six wounded is a small price to pay for individual law and guideline enforcement, keeping animals in line, child safety, and domestic tranquility,

None of the victims in these stories were armed.

The snake, of course, has no arms.

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