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A video was recently posted where Left leaning actors were given “gun facts” to read on camera. The idea was that these actors and the ‘Lefties’ seeing the video would be surprised, if not shocked, at these “gun facts”. Watching the video, I immediately knew that most of these “facts” were actually misrepresentations, and some were not facts at all.

Here’s the video:


So, let’s fact check these gun facts.

– 2/3rds of 38,000 gun deaths in 2016 were suicides.

Fact: Suicides that may not have happened or may not have been fatal if a gun were not readily available.

“The reality that I have learned is that suicide is a rash act, and it’s one that the vast majority of people who attempt it who don’t succeed the first time actually never go on to commit again. That’s why the introduction of guns is such a dangerous factor because very sadly and as you know 90 percent of the time an individual who attempts suicide by a gun is successful.”


– There are over 300 million guns in the United States.

Fact: Three percent of the population own half of the civilian guns in the US.

“Overall, Americans own an estimated 265 million guns – more than one gun for every American adult, according to the study by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities. Half of those guns – 133 million – were in the hands of just 3% of American adults, so-called “super owners” who possessed an average of 17 guns each, it showed.”

“The findings include:

  • An estimated 55 million Americans own guns.
  • The percentage of the U.S. population who own guns decreased slightly from 25% in 1994 to 22% last year.
  • Between 300,000 and 600,000 guns are stolen each year.
  • Gun owners tend to be white, male, conservative, and live in rural areas.
  • 25% of gun owners in America are white or multi-racial, compared with 16% of Hispanics and 14% of African Americans.
  • There are an estimated 111 million handguns nationwide, a 71% increase from the 65 million handguns in 1994.”


– There are more than 5 times more murders by knives than by rifles.

Fact: Right, and why would this be surprising??

Let’s take a look at the stats for 2016 and see what people are using to commit murders:

fact check stats

There were 4.3 times more knives used as a murder weapon than rifles. All methods are dwarfed by the use of firearms, which allow people to kill rashly, from an emotional and physical distance.


– The U.S. is #1 in gun ownership, but #28 in gun murders.

Fact: So, what does that prove? You are comparing the U.S. with 3rd world countries. Also, the U.S. is #18, not #28 in gun murders.

This is a tough statistic to measure accurately, but Wikipedia can give us a rough idea. The last year reported may be 8 years ago for some countries. Using this data, I get The U.S. being #18 in gun murders, but more important are the countries above the U.S. in gun murders.

Rank Gun homicides per 100,000 people Country
1 66.64  Honduras
2 39  Venezuela
3 37.16  Swaziland
4 30.38  Jamaica
5 29.62  Guatemala
6 26.49  El Salvador
7 20.7  Brazil
8 17.74  Colombia
9 14.36  Panama
10 8.9  Philippines
11 8.2  South Africa
12 6.34  Mexico
13 5.78  Paraguay
14 5.63  Costa Rica
15 4.78  Uruguay
16 4.22  Peru
17 3.72  Nicaragua
18 3.5  United States


Now, let’s look at the countries with the least gun homicides:


Rank Gun homicides per 100,000 people Country
1 0  Luxembourg
2 0  Japan
3 0  Iceland
4 0  Hong Kong
5 0.002  Singapore
6 0.02  South Korea
7 0.04  Romania
8 0.04  Poland
9 0.06  United Kingdom
10 0.07  Germany
11 0.1  Norway
12 0.11  New Zealand
13 0.11  Hungary
14 0.12  Austria
15 0.14  Belgium
16 0.14  Belarus
17 0.15  Spain
18 0.15  Qatar
19 0.15  Estonia
20 0.15  Czech Republic

What does this tell you about our culture? This chart doesn’t include China, with over 18.5% of the world’s population, where we know the gun homicide rate is almost zero.

“Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns than people in other developed countries, a new study finds. Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the United States’ gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher. And, even though the United States’ suicide rate is similar to other countries, the nation’s gun-related suicide rate is eight times higher than other high-income countries, researchers said. The study was published online Feb. 1 in The American Journal of Medicine.”

– Handguns are responsible for more than 80% of total mass shootings.

Fact: Mass shootings are often defined as homicides where 3 or more people are killed. Semi-automatic, military-style assault rifles are used in the mass shootings with the highest kill rates. 

When a shooter is out to kill a select group of people he knows personally, he brings a handgun. When a shooter is out to kill as many people as possible, he brings a military-style assault rifle (and handguns). At Parkland, the shooter brought an AR-15 variant and murdered 17 people. At Great Mills High School in Lexington Park, Maryland, the shooter brought a handgun, and targeted and murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Then, what about Virginia Tech? Active shooter drills have made this kind of attack with handguns less likely to succeed.

– Between 1993 and 2003 gun ownership increased by 56%, while gun violence decreased by more than half.

Fact: Total misrepresentation of the facts. Gun homicides decreased by nearly half, not “gun violence”. There are more wounded survivors.


From 2000 to 2014, firearm homicide did decrease by 10% according to the CDC. However, at a much higher occurrence, firearm criminal assault requiring medical attention increased by 11%. The higher number for non-fatal injuries means that, when combining the two categories, criminal firearm fatal and non-fatal injuries increased 6% over those 15 years.

– Nearly all mass public shootings have occurred in “gun free zones”.

Fact: This is to say that Nearly all mass public shootings have occurred in public places. Well – Duhhhh.

Let’s not talk about the not one, but two mass shootings at Fort Hood Military Base in Texas (2009 – 14 dead, 33 injured, and 2014 – 3 dead, 14 injured + shooter suicide). Let’s try to forget about the not one but two mass shootings against armed police in Dallas, Texas (2015 – 0 dead, 0 injured, attacker killed by police, and 2016 – 5 dead, 11 injured + shooter killed by police).  

– From 2013 to 2015, the six states that ban open carry, experienced higher rates of police deaths.

Fact: California, Florida, Illinois, New York and South Carolina are states banning open carry. Texas was the 6th state, but not anymore. Population of the U.S. is about 326 million. These 6 states account for well over 1/3 of the entire population of the U.S.


Census (2013) Rank State Population
1 California 38,332,521
2 Texas 26,448,193
3 New York 19,651,127
4 Florida 19,552,860
5 Illinois 12,882,135
Total   115,866,836


They went back to 2013 to include Texas because Texas has a high population and a very high number of police deaths.

What’s happened since Texas became an open carry state? No change.

texas police deaths
(Click to enlarge)

– A large percentage of police chiefs and Sheriffs support open carry. They overwhelmingly oppose further gun control. 

Fact: My research shows no references stating that a majority of police chiefs and sheriffs support open-carry. I found one article from 2014 where sheriffs in Florida surveyed were against open carry by over 60%. Plenty of articles state that the police in general support Concealed carry. 

Although this survey is only of police chiefs, I found this from 2014: “66% of police chiefs and sheriffs support concealed carry according to a survey performed by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.  One survey showed 91% of all police support shall issue concealed carry laws.

Open carry is more disputed, with the study as above showing that 40% found the concept valid but practice misguided, and 30% supporting both the concept and practice.  18% found both the concept and practice misguided, with the remaining unsure.” 

Many police in cities do not approve of open carry.


Fact: Even if the statistic given was actually meant to refer to open carry, it’s still Misleading. They are adding in all small town Sheriffs all over suburban and rural America. The police usually support the laws that are in place. Concealed carry is allowed in all 50 states, and open carry is allowed in 45 states. 

Why would the police not support concealed carry? 

“There are somewhere upwards of 765,000 full-time law enforcement officers working in the United States, along with some 400,000 part-timers. Roughly half are attached to departments that number 10 sworn officers or less.

Not only do law enforcement personnel in these smaller agencies patrol wide swathes of underpopulated territory, they usually come from the same community themselves. Which means that their views on all subjects is often no different than the views of the people whose neighborhoods they patrol. And let’s not forget that the further you move away from cities, the higher is the per capita ownership of guns.”

“What does Woldoff mean by a ‘nuanced’ view on guns?  She learned that rural police overwhelmingly rejected the concept of ‘gun control’ while embracing the notion of ‘individual rights. Nevertheless, these same officers supported expanded background checks and mandatory, pre-licensing training prior to concealed-carry issuance.

Here again, the multiple identities that these cops must fold into a ‘police identity’ is reflected by the fact that they view rural gun owners as responsible gun owners, “but also as unsafe and insufficiently trained to own and use firearms.”



– People with concealed carry permits commit less crime than police.


They undergo a rigorous background check in many cases. These are people who haven’t committed felonies. If they did, they risk their CC Permit. These are government agents, ex-military, people in the security field, detectives, etc. About 16 million people have concealed carry permits. Interesting statistic, though.

– Switzerland has a high rate of gun ownership and very few zero gun homicides.

Fact: Switzerland is a very homogeneous country, with few of the problems that exist in the U.S. In Switzerland, military service is required and guns are heavily regulated.

“Unlike the US, Switzerland has mandatory military service for men.
All men between the ages of 18 and 34 deemed “fit for service” are given a pistol or a rifle and trained.

After they’ve finished their service, the men can typically buy and keep their service weapons, but they have to get a permit for them.

In 2000, more than 25% of Swiss gun owners said they kept their weapon for military or police duty, while less than 5% of Americans said the same.

In 2007, the Small Arms Survey found that Switzerland had the third-highest ratio of civilian firearms per 100 residents (46), outdone by only the US (89) and Yemen (55).
But it seems that figure has dropped over the past decade. It’s now estimated that there’s about one civilian gun for every four Swiss people.

Gun sellers follow strict licensing procedures.

Swiss laws are designed to prevent anyone who’s violent or incompetent from owning a gun.

Switzerland is also one of the richest, healthiest, and, by some measures, happiest countries in the world.

The Swiss were applauded for high marks on “all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance” the report’s authors wrote.”



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